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Ohio Woman Wants To Change Her Given Name to Sexy
I’m… too sexy for my (given) name!….”
Sheila Ranea Crabtree of Pataskala, Ohio, plans to ask a Licking County Probate Court and pay the $87 fee to change her first name from Sheila to “Sexy”. –  she would be legally be called “Sexy Crabtree”! LOL!
According to an interview with New York Daily News, Crabtree stated that she despises her given name with a passion and avoids using it including using her middle name instead ever since high school and going as far as to ask employees at her doctor’s office to write Ranea on her folder so they would not announce “Sheila” to the waiting room.
In an interview with New York Daily News, she explained: “I figured I’m sexy because I have a lot of Victoria’s Secret, so go for it. I picked it because I thought it sounded fun,” Crabtree told the Daily News. “I’m very confident and very happy and I’m not trying to make up for anything but an ugly name.”
Since her name change idea got out, haters have been blasting her over the internet with mean-spirited comments, but Crabtree says this will not discourage her from reaching her goal. – Good luck Sexy Crabtree!

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