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Jul 11, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Man robs bank for comforts of jail

Imagine a place where there is a bed for you, a washroom, 3 meals a day, a gym and a church all free!


That place is jail and there are some people in this world who just love it.


Police in one Alabama City did not have to go far to find a man suspected of robbing a bank. He was sitting on a bench in the shade right outside of the bank.


The man robbed the bank because he feared losing his job due to a severe leg injury and wanted to avoid homelessness by going to jail.


“He was adamant his whole deal was he’d have a place to live and a place to eat,” the police chief said.


The man was charged with first degree robbery and first degree theft.


A relative of the man told police that he may have been off medication he had been taking since the accident that injured his leg, which could have affected his mental state.



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