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Swedish Ice Pole Sitting Contest

The annual Swedish Ice Pole Sitting contest was recently held in Stockholm this past weekend.
Six contestants have to sit down on a 2.5 meter-tall block of ice during the 48-hour contest.
All six of the contestants that were in the competition (4 men and 2 women) all made it to the end and would have to share the prize money which amounted to $3,100 US.
Competitors said that the worst part of the competition was not the cold, although temperatures throughout the contest dipped below -28 C, they said it was being bored or having to use the washroom. They were allowed to come down for 10-minute toilet breaks every other hour.
The contest has been held annually for a dozen years.
The winners of the competition are not only winners for braving the cold, but also they are today’s “Idiot Ting”.
[via 9News]

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