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Aug 7, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Woman fails driving test in record time and fashion


We know that failing a driving test can be one of the worst experiences ever. All that confidence you have going in, just to find out that you parallel parked just a little too far from the curb. Been there.


Just be glad that you aren’t this woman from Korea. This woman crashed her car just seconds into her exam and there was a dashcam to capture the entire thing.


The woman drove into plants on a slope as the instructor yells at her to brake. The car then rolls over and the windshield shatters.


“Oh my God, oh my God, what should we do?” the woman asks.


“That’s why I told you to put your foot on the brake,” Instructor replies.


Watch the hilarious video below, and if you are taking a driving test anytime soon, we wish you the best of luck.



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