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Woman Runs Over Boyfriend for Food


This woman had to have her Micky-Ds… or else…
Tennessee Police were called to West Carters Valley Road shortly after midnight last Wednesday, where 33 year-old Crystal Greer Brooks of Kingsport, Tennessee ran over her boyfriend three times, after he refused to take her to a McDonald’s restaurant.
Brooks was apparently upset that her boyfriend wanted to eat at a different restaurant, so she forced him over to the side of the road, then got in his pickup truck and ran him over.
According to Times-News, the boyfriend’s clothing “appeared torn, consistent with being dragged on the pavement,” with abrasions to his arms and back.
Brooks has been with aggravated assault.

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  1. Anthony Knight

    Racism will never go away we can’t give up.

  2. Winston Harding

    Greetings Thea Morris,
    As a resident of Ontario, citizen of Canada, I am shock to know that issue like yours is taking place in Canada. We, here in this country, people of various cultures and race, cannot afford to be tainted with the brush that has destroyed and are destroying other lands. We have to stand for justice and respect.
    I appeal to the Members of all levels of government to look into this senseless act and stamp it out, speedily. The will of government officials, the security forces must step forward and render due deligent in this matter.
    Prayers shall go forth for you, Thea, yet, by the power that be, you should not be moved. There are caring and respectful people in Winnepeg to come to your aid. The Chief Police of Winnepeg is a person of interest, you need to contact him, he, himself is a member of African Canadian heritage.
    God will watch over your business, and you shall flourish in this land. You shall rise and accomplish great feat in this society. Go before the Great Jehovah and plea your case. He gives you life. He gives you strength. He gives you gifts and talents. Do not let anyone stop you from achieving your goals and aspirations.
    There shall be more “Thea Diner” in Canada in the short run, because you took the time to let residents of Canada know your plight.
    May God be ever near to you. Respect to your business, and to all Canadians who are reading this message. Be bless. Winston Harding


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