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Feb 28, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Man fends off home invader with Windex

66-year old Jacques Baillageon didn’t sit back when a thief invaded into his apartment as the man turned the tables on the intruder with an everyday household item.
On Tuesday, Baillargeon said a man came into his home carrying a gun and a crowbar. Baillargeon, who at the time was relaxing with his wife tried his best to protect her. “No way this guy is going to touch my wife,” he said.
Before the thief could grab anything of value, Baillargeon, who is a retired RCMP officer, grabbed the first thing he saw, a bottle of glass cleaner.
Baillargeon sprayed the robber’s face with the liquid. The robber then dropped his crowbar and ran away. Baillargeon called 911 moments after.
Here is the idiotic part of the story, 29-year old Nathanel Smith called 911 and claimed his home was broken into.
Smith told police that a crowbar was taken during the robbery. After questioning Smith, police determined that it was a cover-up.
Detectives said Smith was the one who tried to rob Baillargeon. Smith faked having a crowbar stolen to explain how his print was on the crowbar he left behind.

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