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Jan 29, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Mother Forces Baby To Get Tattoo.

A video that has gone viral over the past couple of days shows a woman, named as the mother, restraining a baby that is receiving a tattoo.
The International Business Times speculates that the people in the video are Cuban.
“In it the unidentified woman, who appears to be in her 30’s, can be seen pinning the child to her chest while the tattoo artist completes the design. At one point, she is heard saying “mire, mire” – Spanish for “look” – as the child continues to scream in agony. It is the believed that the controversial procedure too place in Havana, Cuba.”
The comments on YouTube for this video are filled with anger. One commenter saying, “This is really sick. Such mothers are not worth it to have children. Get that child away from the mother as soon as possible.”
The video’s title is “Video Abuse Mother Giving Her Baby A Tattoo.” The origin of the video remains unknown.
[via International Business Times]

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