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Jan 30, 2013 | G-BLOG | 4 comments


The new Volkswagen ad that is scheduled to air during the Super Bowl is causing some controversy after some are claiming that the ad is racist. See the ad for yourself below.

The ad is about a happy-go-lucky white male who tells office mates to be happy in his Jamaican accent.
Some people like Ricki Fairley-Brown, the president of multiculture marketing agency Dove Marketing says that the ad is “pretty horrific, Why do they have a white guy from Minnesota faking a Jamaican accent?”
However, Jamaica’s minister of tourism and entertainment feels the opposite about the ad. “We view it as a compliment” says Wykeham McNeill. “People should get into their inner Jamaica and get happy.”
See for yourself:

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  1. LAURIA Grant

    As a black Jamaican, I find the suggestion that the ad is racist to be insulting for three reasons. First, there are white Jamaicans who speak like that, so the fact that the speaker is white should be not an issue. Second, is there something wrong with Jamaican speech that if, imitated, this amounts to a negative? Third, let us Jamaicans tell you if we are offended; we don’t need someone else (I am assuming the critic is white) to inform us that we have been insulted.
    The critic obviously missed the profound message of the ad. I say to her, “Lady, tek it easy”

  2. Anni

    Love the Ad. Nottin wrong wid dat mon!!
    It brought a smile to my face.
    Those people who talking about this is being racist are eeediats!!! 🙂

  3. Honeal

    Ad was funny not racist. It is down very tastefully.

  4. Dana G

    I think that people need to relax! There are so much exclusions and separtation in this world already! I thought that the ad was so cute. It then reminded me of my old classmates that were White Jamaican heritage. Anything that brings a chuckle to the massives is a good thing. If we as a society can laugh together there is hope that we can get along better! This critic is needs to look into other commericals that are way more offensive to African and Caribbean heritage people!


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