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Apr 19, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Woman calls 911 because she was drunk and lonely

Deputies in Vero Beach, Florida say that a 64-year-old woman dialed 911 on multiple occasions in March because she was “lonely”.
The woman, named Fleurette French made an emergency call around 8pm in late March when she reported a medical issue and noted that she had been drinking.
The dispatcher noted that the woman “was in no obvious distress.”
A medic had been sent to the woman’s home told deputies when he got there that the woman admitted she had really just called “because she was lonely,” but she was taken to a local hospital.
The woman had called 911 five times between March 22 and March 30. Each time she was drunk and each time she was transported to the hospital.
The woman had no medical issues and was charged with abuse of 911.

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