Mark & Jem's "Idiot Ting"

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A thief stole hundreds of dollars from a Scottish man who was vacationing in New Zealand.
Police were baffled by the crime, as they found no clues from the theft, not even fingerprints.
The reason for that could be that the thief does not even have fingers.
Peter Leach stopped on a New Zealand highway to take in some scenery at a rest area.
Leach left his windows down as he took pictures of the landscape. Little did he know that a parrot had snatched a bag from his van. The bag contained all of Leach’s travel money, which amounted to $1100 US.
Leach is hoping to recover his money through travel insurance. Leach reported the crime to the local authorities,
“The man I dealt with was very serious for the first few questions,” Leach said.
“Then he said, ‘Do you mind if I just stop to laugh?’ ”
Lesson learned.
One smart parrot.
[via The Daily Mail]

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