Mark & Jem’s “Idiot Ting”

Jun 12, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Banker falls asleep on keyboard, accidently puts 300 million into someone’s account

No one would think that this is an “Idiot Ting” if they were the recipient of all that money.


A German bank employee who fell asleep on his keyboard while completing an order accidentally transferred 222-million euro ($300 million) into a ‘lucky’ account holder.


The man was in the middle of transferring 62.40 euros from a customer bank account when he fell asleep and mashed the number 2 key, turning it into a transfer worth 222,222,222.22 euros.


Another employee ‘verified’ the order. The bank fired that employee after the mishap, which was corrected soon after its discovery.


The employee brought the case to court and the court ruled that he should get his job back.

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