MJ’s Alleged Son DNA Test Results Are Bogus!

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DNA Testing Lab Logo Ripped From “Terminator Salvation”

Remember 31-year-old Brandon Howard who was allegedly proven to be Michael Jackson’s son? NOT TRUE!
This morning TMZ reported that the logo from the DNA testing lab was stolen from “Terminator Salvation.”
FilmOn.com‘s Alki David released the DNA results proving singer Brandon Howard was the biological son of the King of Pop.  His evidence consisted of the DNA results showing a “99.99999%” probability that MJ was Brandon’s dad.
It was stated that the DNA documents came from a testing facility in Ireland called “DNA Lab,” however, when TMZ researchers dove into the matter, they found that no such generic DNA lab existed in Ireland. Next, they headed to Google images and typed in, “DNA results” and retrieved a ton of sample forms with the same format as the Brandon Howard-Michael Jackson DNA test document.
The investigation heightened when Google image searched “DNA logo” and the first result was the same DNA pic used in the “DNA Lab” logo.
A reverse image search of the logo showed results for “Terminator Salvation,” along with promotional shirts for the movie. — If MJ might be rolling in his grave right about now!
Despite the hype, rumors about Michael Jackson fathering Brandon have been around for years, largely because Brandon — a 31-year-old singer and producer, who goes by B. Howard — is the son of American R&B/jazz singer and actress Miki Howard. Miki was represented by Michael’s father Joe Jackson in the early 1980s, and she commonly went by “Billy” back in those days.
Shortly after Brandon was born, Michael released Billie Jean, which contains the lyric “the kid is not my son.”
Click the video below to refresh your memory:
[vsw id=”Zi_XLOBDo_Y” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]
What do you all think? Do these two look alike?

Image/Source: newsone.com, TMZ

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