Rumors vs Reality Caught up in the Matrix (Red Pill vs Blue Pill)

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Steps After Dark with Kerry Lee Crawford

Rumors can be extremely dangerous especially when employed in a manner that is designed to intentionally defame, discredit & undermine the victim. One of the most prevalent themes of the phone calls I receive on a nightly basis has to do with people unhappy with friends, advisories, associates, even co-workers who have spread rumors in the interest of their own personal gain. With the anonymity the internet provides online bullying, trolling, & other toils the means to become one of the most pronounced issues in today’s society as a whole. We all recognize that Haters have been around since the beginning of time whether we are speaking biblically with Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery or the story of Kane & Abel a brother murdered by a brother, the exploits of jealousy, envy, & selfish ambitions have been a primary component of the world’s reality for some time. Organized rumors designed to influence people’s thoughts & opinions are currently being used in today’s society by special interest groups & the rich in order to advance their private interests through the manipulation of the average citizen & the societal systems.  What do we do when these mechanisms (Matrix) are employed into our reality, how does one discern the truth from what to believe and what to disregard when both the Blue Pill and the Red are presented.
Character Assassination
People who are not successful or productive are very seldom talked about its those whom are admired, feared, & envied that are most often targeted, through  the introduction of a negative suggestion the complexion of an opinion can be altered from glass half full to glass half empty  even though it is the same glass. There are those that fear the ambitious, proud, & determined so much that they invent ways to deter them from reaching their potential.  Famed Virginia Plantation owner Willie Lynching stated that in order to enslave a people you must first turn them against one another, take their attention away from the Slave owner and turn them on each other “Weapons of Mass Misinformation” serves as the basis to convolute and manipulate the facts in a divisive manner that causes dissension amongst the targeted demographic. We are currently in a cultural evolution that in many respects is changing Canada’s identity, in some cases for the better some for the worst.  The unfortunate bio-product of introducing practices used in totalitarian states is that many of the tools can now be used to advance specific special interest groups while undermining others.  We are at the point now where legislation like the Private Investigations act of 2005 has been instituted and subsequently manipulated by specific social, political, religious, corporate, even criminal groups via the use of strategies including online trolling, spying, & pre-texting which is the act of contacting people under false pretence, all of these tactics are currently being employed on a daily basis. Canadian culture traditionally has been defined as earnest, inclusive & accommodating though some tend to more characterize it as passive, naïve & vulnerable.  Have you ever had someone spread rumors about you perhaps at work? School? Did they simply dislike you or did they have a hidden agenda? Wanted your job? Jealous maybe wanted to be with your partner? Have you ever been accused of doing something you didn’t do? Contrived falsehoods spread as rumors can be harnessed and spun into a formidable tool in order to advance hidden agendas while undermining the victim’s professional as well as personal well being. 
 10, 1,000, or 1,000,000 people telling the same lie does not make that lie true, the Nazi’s 3rd Reich in attempts to create a New World Order recruited ordinary citizens farmers, bus drivers, construction workers also used the media and & the popular culture of the time to propagate malicious falsehoods against non-Aryans specifically Jews and Africans in order to convince half the world that they were inferior and needed to be wiped off the earth. The real danger is that these old beliefs reintroduced now through a resurgence of practices used in the 30’s & 40’s have afforded the rich & the powerful the tools to enhance their private power all while silently influencing & undermining the average citizen without their knowledge. Highly contrived rumors can be employed in order to create a false reality (Matrix) inconspicuously managed by those powerful members of society behind closed doors while the many are unaware.  In history Malcolm X, Dudley Laws, Martin Luther King are examples of our Morpheus relentlessly pursued, hated, undermined simply because they discovered the distinction between the Red & the Blue Pill the difference between the truth & reality. How quickly history is to forget or bury the lies the C.I.A. spread Malcolm X who was called insane in media reports while stories were planted in the media stating that Martin Luther King was secretly a Pimp who held late night orgies. What seems to be even more alarming is recent news reports on local Toronto television that attempted to revisit and even substantiate those same heinous defaming falsehoods while reporting on former US president JFK widow Jackie Kennedy’s memoirs.
For the last 10 years I have personally experienced firsthand the evolution of some of these practices propagated, concerted, postured & malicious falsehoods spread in a manner specifically designed to attack character & undermine credibility. The Rules of engagement have changed things to remember

  1. Respect Yourself; those who engage in such practices wish to demean & degrade you with the expressed purpose of convincing you that you are not worthy. If you tell a child that they are stupid for long enough they will soon start to believe and act like it.  The power of life & death is in the tongue it’s spoken so it is vital to be aware of who is around you and what they are speaking into your life. Negativity begets negativity & misery loves company so it is important to take great care in choosing those who speak into your life.  Know who and whose you are that the sharp words & rumors might bounce off you , F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real, when you know the truth it’s much easier to live by it. 
  2. Take the Bull by the Horns: the Days of turning the other cheek or taking the high road are far removed, if you don’t confront them these individuals will continue to spread rumor after rumor after rumor not substantiating one before starting another all while colluding with 3rd & 4th party entities in attempts to give the falsehoods legitimacy. You must address the source(s) of the rumor(s) as soon as possible and use online social media to express your sentiments in respects to it. If the rumor was spread online refer specifically to those whose address those who have communicated it or to confront the account it came from. After contributing to a news story on crime & corruption I had a series of emails sent out about me from a email address that actually included my name. I immediately contacted the authorities as well as my lawyers, though ultimately nothing was done those responsible were aware that I was not shy about addressing their actions but was hell bent on confronting them in this way. Let them know that not only is the light is on but that this house is guarded. 
  3. Take in Stock in what you may doing to give credibility to those rumor spreaders: Often what these rumor spreaders will do is take a perception or an appearance and grossly fabricate, invent, or create an elaborate scenario that could be true, perhaps someone who you are loosely associated with. An example would be where 2Pac & Deathrow records used a chance meeting between 2 Pac & Faith Evans House of Blues in order to make it appear as if the two were having an affair. This of course further fueled the Masonic created Biggie Smallz vs 2 Pac East vs West Coast Feud (Willie Lynching) which served to create a significant cultural divide between Afro-Americans throughout the country. Take responsibility and be conscious of what is being suggested even though it is not true, evaluate what you may currently engaged in or have previously done that could be construed to give credence to the rumors. Regardless of whether the propagations are true or not assess what can be done to clarify the discrepancy or stop it all together.  “If You Fight Fire with Fire all you get is a bigger flame” 
  4. Consult with friends & family members who are close to you & the situation:  Often times because of the emotional nature of these sorts of circumstances where rumors are being spread about us maintaining subjectivity can be difficult.  Our support systems can be the most fundamental instrument outside of spirituality in order to keep those who have been targeted focused & level headed.  Having a support system that is there for you unconditionally makes all the difference, the ability to work through issues with those who love & understand you makes bearing the brunt  a little easier while aiding in keeping a clear mind state & ensuring you have witnesses to substantiate your experience while at the same time helping to hold us accountable. 
  5. Keep records of the interactions: It is vital that any interaction that takes place online is recorded: Ensure that all correspondence is not only saved on your computer or email but also ensure they are printed. From the period of 2010-2011 Cyber Crime in Canada went up 319% and a record 5000 new phsing sites were constructed. These yet to be identified entities can easily hack your computer and email and remove even alter previously sent messages, they can even insert emails into your account after the fact and back date them. Often to cover the tracks and in attempts to stave off civil litigations those who engage in such defaming activities have erased and removed all evidence in order to protect themselves from ridicule or legal action. 
  6. Be Aware: Malcolm X stated that “If you’re not careful the newspapers will have you hating the people being oppressed & loving the people who are doing the Oppressing” just before being mysteriously reassigned Canadian Intelligence Security Service chief Richard Fadden gave an unprecented interview with the CBC News network that the other broadcasters in the region tried and seemingly succeeded in burying. In actuality many if not all of the other broadcasters hid the facts that the Chief in Command stated that other countries were spying, importing their operatives here in Canada , & heavily invested in various  societal systems vital to Canada’s sovereignty including government, medical, & personal service. In my personal experience Pre-texting was used against me by an individual who falsely presented himself as a Canada Revenue Agent , he requested and collected personal financial materials & information then used that information to spread falsehoods amongst other things i.e. Identify Theft.   There is an industry based on silently manipulating people to act, think, & do as they want them to, inventing false facts while hiding and disguising real ones as Former C.S.I.S. Chief Richard Fadden clearly stated in his now famously infamous address that most Canadians were not even aware of. In that same address he spoke of global war criminals hiding in Canada and using our reputation as a launching vehicle. In conjunction with former Canadian Safety Minister Hon Vic Toews who issued a decree to track down all illegal War Criminals in Canada in order to have them deported. 
    Those who seek to attack your character in this new practice utilize practices previously used by totalitarian, Communist, & Fascist regimes. Various organizations have traditionally used surveillance in attempts to investigate various things i.e. Wsib & Tax frauds as well as private entities who have traditionally used it to follow wayward husbands thought to be involved in an affair hired by suspicious wives. The evolution of this practice now has it where these same processes are currently used privately to investigate, study, & undermine individuals who may be of adverse personal, religious, political, business interests (Private Power).  These entities can now recruit civilians and empower them to advance interests against a specific target, an example can be found in the heinous activities discovered in England that prompted the Parliamentary Judicial Public “Leveson Inquiry” in 2011 to the culture, practices, ethics of British press following the discovery of the criminal & harassing conduct of their news media & the private companies they employed in order to collect personal information. It turned out that these companies were also hired by other institutions Banks, Divorce Lawyers, religious extremist as well as rival companies in order to collect confidential information about their targets and sometimes harass them. Oddly enough despite the obvious connections financial & otherwise these same investigative entities who have franchises in Canada have they have managed to avoid detection here up until this point.
    Why is this important? Because now in instances like the famed story of Erin Brockovich David vs Goliath the rich & powerful corporation’s now would simply hire one of these entity’s to follow her, monitor her communications & undermine her activities.  Instead of discovering the big corporation for the truth Erin would have ended up battling the silent 3rd party entities whose job it is to bury the truth & ruin anyone who tried to release it. People motivated sometimes via financial compensation as well as other means to propagate falsehoods sometimes knowingly sometimes not.
    “Those who have intimate knowledge of Canada’s societal & Charter Rights systems & use that knowledge in order to intentionally circumvent the services that are designed to protect citizen’s rights”
    Those who know better do better those who know less do less, read & investigate for yourself
    C.S.I.S. Boss Richard Fadden gives unprecedented interview to CBC News
    Victor Toews Canada Safety Minister issues public safety warning about International War criminals operating out of the G.T.A.
    Canada Cyber Crime rate rises 319% over 12th month period ranking the region 2nd in the world behind Egypt
    Public outrage in Britain results in the convening of the Judicial Inquiry by Judge Leveson 2011

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