Steps After Dark with Kerry Lee: Vetting Our Reality

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As this is my inaugural blog I must acknowledge how appropriate I feel it has come along during this time of the year being as Valentines Day, Black History Month, & International Women celebrations remain fresh in our minds. Sometimes serious-sometimes silly, but always Kerry hence always informative, passionate, & truthful.  I will always start my blog with a quote:
“They are not stumbling blocks, but stepping stones” unknown
 When I think of the History of the world there are hundreds of names celebrated over the millennia, heroes from Moses to Martin Luther King Jr. and countless villains from Haman to Hitler. What intrigue’s me most is their stories and the common qualities of those famed heroes who triumphed over evils toils of injustice, greed, & tyranny. Viola Desmond to Rosa Parks and from Queen Esther to Queen Latifah, people through history who risked their well being to challenge the societal ideals of the time.  My blogs will span through the realms of life, love, relationships, family, history, politics, business, the community and more.
I welcome you to join in to offer your insights and opinions via, Tha Love Project states that “We are Better Together than we are apart” the power of shared experience, sharing our experience & knowledge in order to help each other grow into the family, community, & Country our forefathers dreamt we would be.
This weeks topic is “Vetting Our Reality” In contemporary society the current lack of accountability coupled with a hyper vigilant sense of political correctness has all but, crippled one of the world’s most successful democracies. Canadians in many respects have been lulled into silence afraid at times to address even the most blatant of issues and discrepancies. Politicians who run on a platform and abandon it as soon as they are elected is a dishonest practice that in many instances goes unchallenged. Civic servants who are around when the cameras are flashing but, disappear from the community like cockroaches when the lights come on or as soon as the media exits indicates an issue that affects us all. The most integral attribute to assessing ones reality is the ability to challenge and confront those individuals who are a part of it. Whether political, business or personal successful relationships are forged on the truth and a need to hold each other accountable. Telling the truth is like running on a level surface whereas lies can act like hills, bumps, and voids that cause us to stumble and even fall. Many of us including myself have been discouraged from confronting issues within our lives, because we are afraid that our actions may escalate the problem, cause hostile responses, cause us to lose the relationship, our job, or results that can cause hurt feelings. What I would note for the record however is that ignoring potential issues all but, guarantees the very same outcome. Much of the modern world looks at Canadians as non confrontational and pliable to some individuals, criminals, professionals, and politicians have now taken advantage of this and are operating unabated as they participate in practices that target, exploit and manipulate our societal systems.  I would humbly implore that we not simply listen to rumors or subjectively slanted and skewed News reports but, take the time to explore, interrogate, & challenge the facts. It has also come to my attention that like jealous kids in the high school cafeteria that there are now entities that regularly collude to propagate lies & contortions in order to defame, discredit & undermine political, religious, and cultural adversaries. I myself have fallen victim innumerable times to orchestrated rumor campaigns that even my closest of friends and family believed rather than simply asking me about it so the truth could be sought out and rumors silenced. Famed Virginia State Slave Master Willy Lynching advised that the best way to weaken a people, culture, even a country is to divide it, many people are engaged in that very said practice in our lives right now.
“Keep your friends close and enemies even closer” wise words now being employed by thousands right now in Canada “Frienemies”. Do you know who they are in your life? How their covert practices are undermining your interests right now? Easiest way to accomplish this is to interrogate our reality to ensure that it is based in the truth and not in a propagated falsehood (Pre-text).
Have a Happy Fun Safe International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Weekend April 6th 2014 in Markham. Hope to see you there.
God Bless,

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