Sunscreen You Can Drink!

May 21, 2014 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Mark and Jem’s Idiot Ting 

YES, you heard RIGHT!

Instead of the old fashioned way of slathering yourself up with sunscreen on those blistering hot days, a skincare company called Osmosis Skincare has found a solution: DRINKABLE SUNSCREEN!
Here’s how it works: before hitting the waves at the beach or risking a possible sunburn during your daily summer activities, all you have to do is put a few drops of ‘Harmonized H20’ in your water and apparently, it’ll protect your skin just like an SPF 30 sunscreen solution!
Skeptical? I don’t blame you one bit, because according to, the skincare website doesn’t offer any scientific evidence, and it’s unknown how it works from a logical perspective, so really your just taking the company’s word for it!
If you want to give it a go, the 100 millilitre bottles are currently on sale for $30 dollars online and the company says you need about two milliliters of the drink every four hours you’re in the sun to stay protected. Visit for more details.

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