Countess Vaughn Talks The Dangers of Lace Front Wigs

Not Everything Is for Everyone   The Parkers and Moesha actress Countess Vaughn was a guest on the CBS show “The Doctors” to talk about her disturbing experience wearing lace front wigs.   After 5 years of being addicted she realized she developed a sever scalp...

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Fun Fact Wednesdays

The Darker The Liquor, The More You’ll Be Sicker!   The darker the colour of your alcoholic drink, the more likely it is to give you a hangover.   A study conducted in the ‘Alcohol: Clinical And Experimental Research’, concluded that dark drinks contained more...

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G98.7 Health Specialist Allan Jones, in conversation with Dr. Brenda Watson, Naturopathic doctor and New York Times best-selling author. Topic: Silent Inflammation, a condition that predisposes men and women to heart disease and other chronic illnesses."Mid Week...

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