Nas Developing Autobiographical Series With Xbox   Rapper Nas is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his groundbreaking debut album “Illmatic” by joining forces with Xbox to develop a series loosely based on his life.   The show will be titled “Street Dreams” and...

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Nas To Produce Hip Hop Documentary

"Incredibly Excited" to bring 'Shake The Dust' "to Global Audiences"   Rap superstar Nas is the executive producer for Adam Sjöberg’s Hip Hop documentary, Shake The Dust.   The film will explore the lives of several b-boys from Colombia, Cambodia, Uganda, and...

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The Juice With Jem

Nas raises $27,000 for Homeless family   After hearing about a family in Washington, D.C. lost their home, rapper Nas raised over $27,000 dollars for them.   Nas caught wind of the tragic story of Stanley Young, a unemployed construction worker and father of...

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