Canada's 12-Year Mission in Afghanistan Has Ended

It’s Over!   After 12 years, Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan formally ended Wednesday with a flag lowering ceremony in Kabul.   Canadian troops first arrived in October 2002, and since then have spent $1.65 billion on improving the Afghanistan society. Areas...

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Robin Thicke Breaks Down On Stage Over Separation

THE HOOK-UP WITH MC LINX   Robin Thicke wants Paula back and he won't give up without a fight!   During his show last night concert-goers noticed that Robin started to become very emotional and chocked up.   He reportedly said to the crowd, "Y'all know...

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Man kills his wife then posts on Facebook

Do you think social media has gone too far?   A Miami man who reportedly posted a photo of his wife’s body on Facebook after killing her turned himself in to authorities on Thursday and confessed to the slaying, police say.   Derek Medina, 31, said that he...

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