Drake - Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador     As of yesterday, Toronto has been informed that Drake had become one of Toronto Raptors Team Ambassadors.   A lifelong Raptors fan Drake wants to make the team cool again, as well as win some games. He will...

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Colangelo out as Raptors GM

Colangelo will stay on as team president The Toronto Raptors have announced that Bryan Colangelo’s tenure as chief decision-maker of basketball operations is over, but he will remain with the franchise in a corporate role.   He will be at the Draft lottery...

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Raptors Close To Acquiring Gay From Memphis Grizzlies

RAPTORS LOOKING TO LAND RUDY GAY FROM GRIZ The Toronto Raptors are reportedly very close to landing Memphis Grizzlies Small Forward Rudy Gay in a possible 3-Team deal that would see Jose Calderon landing in another city while Ed Davis heads to Memphis in exchange for...

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