Mar 26, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Kevin Hart, Mike Epps get into Twitter beef

Comedian Mike Epps sparked a Twitter battle with Kevin Hart after Epps cracked a few jokes about Hart.
Epps tweeted: “Man, if Katt Williams wouldn’t have flipped out it would not be no Kevin Hart.” That was followed up with updates saying Hart thought he was cute and that he looked like a ‘drunk pug’.
Hart then tweeted to Epps saying, “I googled @theRealMikeEpps just now and my coputer said ‘Not relevant anymore.'” He then updated that saying that Epps was “one bad movie away from doing school plays”
In the end Epps accepted his defeat saying, “I got love lil @KevinHart4Real, got to keep [him] on his toes though.”

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