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Chris Brown opens up to Seacrest about Rihanna assault

Chris Brown was recently on the Ryan Seacrest show talking about his altercation from four years ago with girlfriend Rihanna.
Brown is still apologizing for his actions during that time period saying, “People are entitled to their opinions. I can’t go around blaming, it’s all about my responsibility and me growing up as a man. So I think now that I’m becoming older and trying to mature in this life under the public eye at all times, I have to focus on doing the right thing and being more of a humble individual.”
He was also asked if age and immaturity were to blame for his assault on Rihanna, Brown said that would “just be making an excuse.”
He went on to say, “ I think for me at that age – 18, 19 – I was capable of writing and producing songs, so I’m also capable of making the right choices,” he said. “I think it’s about a learning process now. Being at that young age, I can  tell you I was arrogant and definitely hotheaded.”

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