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The-Dream says he won’t work with Keyshia Cole soon.

The-Dream, who has been behind some of the biggest hits in music will not be working with Keyshia Cole anytime soon.
In an interview with Huffington Post, The-Dream, whose real name is Terius Nash, spoke about the feud between Beyonce and Keyshia Cole.
Nash was asked if he would still work with Cole, and he responded, “Of course I would work with her if it came up, but I can’t work with her under what’s going on.”
The-Dream also referenced his relationship with Beyonce to that of a family member.
In response to the news, Keyshia Cole tweeted, “Dream not writing any songs for me is fine… I’m on my 6th album… He’s only wrote 1 song on 1 of my albums, which I did love, God Bless”
The-Dream’s song writing credits include “Single Ladies” by Beyonce and “Umbrella” by Rihanna.

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