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D. Woods not invited to Danity Kane reunion?

Ex-members of Bad Boy girl group Danity Kane grabbed lunch in Los Angeles recently and talked about a possible reunion. Apparently, one member of the group wasn’t in attendance, D. Woods!
In a interview with an Atlanta radio station, D. Woods expressed how she felt to be left out the reunion by her ex-groupmates.
“I was surprised myself. However, after seeing the pictures, after seeing the clip of the video, I saw that they were in Los Angeles. I am not in Los Angeles, so there goes the reason why I wasn’t in the picture. I’m actually in Atlanta right now. I’m in pre-production rehearsals for the musical called “Rebirth.” That’s what I’m currently doing right now as we speak. “
She also went on to add how she found out about the reunion, “I found out when my Twitter timeline went off the chain.”
“I mean we did go our separate ways in fall of 2008. And since then I’ve been putting my energy towards these other projects.”

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