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Amanda Bynes Goes in on Rihanna 

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes recently tweeted singer Rihanna saying that ex-boyfriend Chris Brown attacked her in 2009 because she ‘isn’t pretty enough.’

Bynes finished the tweet saying, “you look so ugly tryin to be white.”

A calm Rihanna replied back, “Ya see what happens when they cancel the Intervention?”

Game, set, match, Rihanna. 🙂

Bynes responded quickly (because what else does she have to do besides be on Twitter?), saying, “unlike ur fugly faced self I don’t do drugs! U need the intervention dog! I met ur ugly face in person! U aren’t pretty u know it!”

Sorry Amanda, you’ll need more than non-witty comments to get your dying career back.

(Source: TMZ, The Mirror)


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