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Aug 22, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Katt Williams gives $1000 in cash to wheelchair-bound fan


Comedian and actor Katt Williams recently gave $1000 in cash to a wheelchair-bound woman following a recent performance.


Williams decided to donate the money after learning she’s in bad need of a kidney transplant.


The comedian had just finished a show in Boston on Sunday when a member of his security team noticed the woman crying in the audience.


The woman insisted that she was just crying “tears of joy” after laughing for the first time since doctors told her that she was in desperate need of a new kidney.


The woman was then brought backstage to meet with Katt, the comedian was moved by her story and left the room…only to reappear moments later with a folded sheet of paper.


When the woman opened up the makeshift envelope, she was shocked to find $1000 and a note that read, “God never leaves.”


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