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Spanish Man Facing Prison time for Biting off Wife’s Private Parts

A husband in Spain has been jailed for five years, after biting off part of his wife’s lady parts during sex has been jailed for five years… only five years???!

A Barcelona Court heard how in last year march, Edwin Osiris C.R. sunk his teeth into his wife’s genitals and one of her labia, tore them and spat them out.

He was found in the town of Lleida 22 days later after fleeing his L’Hospitalet de Llobregat home after the attack.

Osiris was found guilty of sexual assault and causing injury, but only the latter charge stuck because his wife of 12 YEARS!!!, and the mother of his two kids,  still has some feeling and ‘function’ down there.

He is also required to pay his wife, 21,000 Euros in compensation.


Wow, what a horrible thing to do to your wife of 12 years!!!

G987 readers, do you think justice was served in this case?

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