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Law and Order Launching Cold Case TV Series



“Law & Order” is known for crafting plots out of “ripped from the headlines” stories . . . and now the show’s creator, Dick Wolf, has his new show actually SOLVING the real life crimes in those headlines.




Wolf’s latest venture is TNT’s criminal reality show, “Cold Justice”. It features a prosecutor and a crime scene investigator teaming up to, quote, “re-open unsolved, small-town cases that have gone ‘cold’ despite the best efforts of local law enforcement.”



The first episode, which aired earlier this month, was about the case of a Texas woman who died in 2001. It was thought to be a suicide . . . but in doing research for the episode, the show dug up some new evidence.




It implicated the woman’s boyfriend, Ronnie Joe Hendrick. And apparently it was damning . . . because last week, Hendrick pleaded GUILTY to the murder.




He’s been sentenced to 22 years in prison.

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