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Crazy Sexy Cool Debuted Last Night


VH1’s highly anticipated BioPic “CrazySexyCool” debuted last night and our good friend Carl Payne, who plays L.A. Reid,  has moved on from playing cockroach on The Cosby Show and Cole in Martin, says it’s the harsh reality of what can really happen in the music business. The BioPic walks through the journey of TLC as they meet for the first time all the way to becoming a chart-topping number-one selling trio. However, what fans may be shocked to see is how all of their success didn’t lead to financial security.
“None of that surprised me at all. It’s like par for the course,” “I’ve heard and seen it happen a million times.”
The film shows Left Eye, Chilli and T-Boz struggling to stay above water, as they were unable to really live the celebrity life they’d hoped. It didn’t help that their manager didn’t help to line their pockets either.
Carl’s character, L.A. Reid, is alive and well but the actor decided not to contact him for inspiration on his character.
“My contract was to read the script and do it well. That’s it…on to the next job. At the end of the day, if somebody feels some sort of way about it, then maybe that’s a good thing. I must have done something right,” said Carl. He studied interviews and tapes of L.A. to pick up on his mannerisms.

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