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Would You Like A Tour?


Drake celebrated his 27th birthday by enjoying the comforts of home on Thursday in front of a sold-out Air Canada Centre crowd as feverishly determined as the intensely invigorated rapper to ensure it was indeed a special occasion.
After opener Miguel led the packed arena in a performance of “Happy Birthday” that he insisted Drake could hear in the back, the audience greeted the local star with a veritable hero’s welcome. As the lurching thunder of “Tuscan Leather” crackled above, the crowd shrieked as he doffed his loose black jacket to reveal a silvery grey tank top and loose matching pants.
When he finally stepped to the mike to address the crowd, they drowned him out each time he tried to speak. “My name is Aubrey Drake Graham and I was born on October 24, 1986. And I was born and raised in the greatest city in the … world: Toronto, Canada,” he finally said, punctuating the statement with emphatic profanity before launching into a medley of downcast bangers from his recent “Nothing Was the Same,” including “Furthest Thing” and the grimy “Wu-Tang Forever.”
He brimmed with energy throughout the 100-minute performance, perhaps feeding on the feverish crowd. Jumping from side to side and madly swinging his arms as if composing the plush beats booming behind him, he was more than happy to let the booming audience — who sat down infrequently — sing some of his most iconic lines for him, and even when he didn’t, the theatre was filled with a resounding echo.

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