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Ender’s Game To Premiere Nov.1st


On the surface, Ender’s Game looks like a straightforward sci-fi adventure, a sort of teen Starship Troopers about a wunderkind named Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) who’s recruited by the military to lead humankind’s last stand against an insect like race of aliens.
However, as fans of author Orson Scott Card’s much-loved 1985 novel know, there’s plenty more to the futuristic tale than that.
Much of the action takes place in a zero-gravity Battle Room, where young soldiers are trained to fight aliens in intense combat ­simulations. ”In the book, the Battle Room is a big black box, but I thought it would be more visually exciting to make it a huge glass orb so you could be ­looking down at Earth and up at the stars,” says director Gavin Hood (X-Men ­Origins: Wolverine).
Ender’s Game is to be release Nov.1, 2013. 

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