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Race War: SNL Needs Black Female Actors


Saturday Night Live (SNL) faced black lash over the weekend following a skit in their latest episode hosted by Kerry Washington, for not having a single black female actress on the show.
The opening skit featured Washington and SNL cast member Jay Pharoah as President Barak Obama and his wife Michelle.
The Scandal star was seen performing a variety of characters, frequently rushing off stage to change into the role of the first lady, Beyoncé and Oprah Winfrey.
Throughout its 38-year history, the popular long running variety show has hired only four black women, two of whom only graced the show for one season or less.
Washington is also the 9th Black person to host SNL.
So G987FM listeners, do you think this long running variety show is going to do something about this issue? And if so, who do you think would be a likely female candidate? 

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