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Catchphrase Wars: Bieber vs. Twist


Justin Bieber is calling it quits in regards to his plans in creating a clothing line called “Wild Kidz”, based on a catchphrase his friends Lil Za and Lil Twist would shout while doing stupid things, like relieving themselves in mop buckets and irritating ex-Presidents.
The Biebs filed paperwork to trademark the phrase back in September for the clothing line, and it seemed like the brand would be a hit but according to earlier reports by, Bieber and his best ex-friend Twist were having some relationship problems, which led Justin kicking Twist out of Boyfriend singer’s Calabasas home and in October.
Twist made a play for the brand by filling a trademark application for the name “W.I.L.D. Kidz” – ha! Original right?
So Bieber is planning to wave the white flag because he’s over the company and will not fight with Twist over the catchphrase name rights.
I guess you won this round Twist!

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