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Meyers gets a financial “time out”

According to the “Hollywood Reporter”, ‘Dracula’ star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was working ‘pro-bono’ while filming the 10-episode season.
Reportedly because Meyers has been having some substance abuse issues, NBC wanted to protect themselves, so when the network hired him to play the title role, they only provided “per diem payments and other small dispensations” to keep Meyers going, and his full salary would be withheld until he finished the series’  first season.
So far this tactic has worked, despite a hiccup with Meyers ‘breaking down’ on set (according to sources) which caused him to return to London for hospitalization.
Upon returning to set, Meyers was accompanied by a “sober” companion, and went right back to rehab, once the first season was filmed.

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