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Former Blue Jays slugger Jose Canseco has announced his intentions to run for Mayor of Toronto via Twitter on Friday if mayor Rob Ford is booted from office.
The current mayor, Rob Ford is in court fighting to keep his job after he violated conflict-of-interest laws.
Technically, Canseco cannot legally become mayor of Toronto. Canseco must be a Canadian citizen, which he isn’t and either be a resident or own property in Toronto.
Canseco tweeted to his followers that those factors are not going to hurt him for his planned campaign.
“Got some good news on the citizen thing hope to announce in a few days,” Canseco tweeted to his almost half-a-million followers.
“Dear Torontonians tweet me what needs fixing so I can start working on things,” Canseco tweeted. “I know the Jarvis bike path and NHL strike are key, more?”
Canseco also used the hashtag “#yeswecanseco”. Canseco played for the Blue Jays in 1998 and was also a six-time MLB all-star. He has also been known for his role in the steroid scandal even writing a tell-all book about his and his peers’ use of steroids in professional baseball.

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