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“Lawrence of Arabia” star Peter O’Toole Dies at 81

British Actor Peter O’ Toole, died peacefully in a London hospital last Saturday, he was 81 years old.
Peter O’ Toole’s amazing performance in his first major film role in “Lawrence of Arabia” in 1962 earned him not only world stardom, but also the first of eight Academy Award nominations.
O’ Toole who was born in Ireland and raised in England, first began his acting career in England as a teenager, which then lead to television roles and then the big screen later in his career.
In the 1970’s, O’ Toole’s health took a crucial turn for the worst. After surgery form a long-term stomach ailment, doctors misdiagnosed him with blood cancer.
His daughter, Kate has thanked the public for their support and love for her famous father. In her statement she wrote, “In due course there will be a memorial filled with song and good cheer, as he would have wished. We will be happy to speak to you all then  but in the meantime if you could give Peter O’Toole the respect he deserves and allow us to grieve privately we’d appreciate it.”
During the 2003 Academy Awards, O’Toole had presented his statuette by Meryl Streep, and spoke out to the audience, “ Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. I have my very own Oscar with me now to be with me until death do us part.” The engraving on the gold statuette reads: “Whose remarkable talents have provided cinema history with some of it’s most memorable characters.”

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