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10 Year-Old Rising Star to Play Lead in ‘Annie’ Remake

Can you say CHA CHING?!
Beasts of the Southern Wild star Quvenzhane Wallis, will reportedly earn $1.5 MILLION for starring in the 1982’s film adaptation of ‘Annie’.
According to TMZ, the producers for the show had to get approval from a judge for Q to star in the movie since she is a minor. She will be getting paid:
— $750,000 base salary
— $750,000 bonus if the movie does extremely well
— 5% of profits
— 5% of all merchandising
— 10% of sound track album royalties
According to her contract, her name can NOT be listed lower than second position, so it’s likely her name will appear before Cameron Diaz. Ha! 
The youngest female star to ever be nominated for an Academy Award will play the famous fictional orphan alongside Jamie Foxx (playing Daddy Warbucks) and Cameron Diaz.
Will Smith and Jay Z will be producing the movie, which is set for a Christmas 2014 release.

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