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Young Jeezy Claims He Didn’t Hurt His Son

Young Jeezy is denying claims made against him that he acted violently towards his 17-year-old son Jadarius. Yesterday, reports surfaced stating that Jeezy made terroristic threats to kill his son and put a bullet through his head.
Sources close to TMZ are saying that Jeezy is blaming his ‘loathsome and gold digging’ baby mother, Tenesha Dyke for brainwashing their son against him and that she is trying to squeeze every penny she can get from the rapper.
However, Jeezy admits that him and Jadarius did get into heated argument in September 2012 but that it never got violent. The quarrel was triggered when Jeezy told his son that he had turned into a punk kid with an attitude and that he didn’t want him staying at his house.
Jeezy admits to shoving Jadarius to the ground after he got in his face, but claims that he never hit, choked, or dragged his son.
Who do we believe???

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