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Justin Bieber Causes $20,000 In Damages

Last Friday, Justin Bieber was caught on camera egging his neighbour’s house and when confronted the singer cursed at him.
The pop star lives in Calabasas, CA, in a rich community where the people live in expensive houses, and according to TMZ the entire front of the home must be re-plastered, “To do the job – which is especially expensive because it’s Venetian plaster – will cost around $15K. There’s another $5,000 in damage to the entry, including various doors that must be re-stained.”
Will Bieber face vandalism charges? Well, in the L.A County District, vandalism exceeding $400 is reasonable grounds to charge someone for felony vandalism charges.
Justin Bieber has yet to apologize to his neighbor or offer to pay for the damages.

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