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Rih Rih Hollas at NFL Player For MCM And He Responds

Rihanna’s instagram is always popping, this time she chose a different angle to grab attention. Instead of dissing other celebs she decided to let the fans know who her male crush is on MCM (Male Crush Mondays). That picture above of the built guy and juicy lips is Rihanna’s crush. NFL Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker Mychal Kendrick.
Of course news got around to him in the locker room where CSN columnist John Gonzalez was and Kendrick responded saying  “some of the guys told me about it. The were busting my chops a little.” He also admitted he never met her before but would like to…I mean who wouldn’t? With all the Riri pressure he ended “I don’t wanna talk about this y’all” as he smiled.
How long do you think before Riri hits that?
Source: Via Google Images

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