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Lorde Hates Reggae Music?

Lorde has come under fire by the Jamaican community for comments she made in a recent edition of her Vevo Vlog titled, “The World According To Lorde”. “I hate Reggae, Reggae makes me feel like am late for something.” she confessed.
The Grammy-winning singer made the remarks months ago, however a report in the Jamaica Star brought the matter to light and shared what Jamaican musicians had to say,
“I’m really disappointed in her statement, because I was such a big fan of her music, and fell in love with Royals the moment I heard it. I’m not a fan anymore, and will just delete her album and move on. Reggae is the most soulful genre, so I can’t understand how someone could hate it. I really regret even doing a reggae cover to her single. Everyone knows the origin of reggae music is Jamaica, and by black people. So my question is: Is it the music that she really doesn’t like, or just the black race?”, dancehall artist Spice said.
Several Jamaican artists have remixed “Royals” and while some have expressed their hurt feelings others such as Demarco, whose publicist, Raymond Shadow, believe that Lorde’s comments should not be taken as an insult, “She’s 17 years old, so that has to be taken into consideration. Chances are she’s very naïve, but she’s entitled to her opinion,” Shadow said.
Radio selector DJ Chrome is on the same page as Demarco, as he agrees that the New Zealand pop star is entitled to her opinion. “If that’s how she feels, then that’s OK. It’s her opinion. I personally wouldn’t say that I hate any genre of music. They might not be my favourite, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that I hate them. If she thinks reggae is that bad, then it’s no big deal,” Chrome said.
Catch the video below (skip to 2:30 to listen to the comments):
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For Lorde to say she hates a genre, she better now more than three songs in it.
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