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Lady Gaga Defends Her Vomit Performance

She’s Calling It Art….
The ‘vomit artist’, Millie Brown, who vomited green paint over Lady Gaga on stage at SXSW last week, has defended the highly controversial performance.
Brown claims her unusual technique does not affect her health or diet, despite fierce backlash amid accusations of ‘bulimia chic’. Rather, Gaga is calling the stunt “art in its purest form.”
Demi Lovato attacked Brown on Twitter for “glamourising eating disorders”, writing: “Bottom line, it’s not ‘cool’ or ‘artsy’ at all.
Brown first vomited over Gaga when she threw up green slime onto her dress in the music video for “Exorcist Interlude”.
Can someone tell us where the “art” part fits into this?

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