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Kim Kardashian Causing An Uproar….Again!

There have been rumors that “Vogue” banned Kim Kardashian from gracing the famous magazine’s cover, but if that were true, it’s no longer the case because the latest cover features her and fiancé Kanye West.
“Vogue’s” anti-Kardashian stance was reportedly so strong that some people are now speculating that Kanye somehow strong-armed editor-in-chief Anna Wintour into featuring Kim . . . but she released a statement saying that’s NOT true.
It does seem pretty accurate though, considering that leaked photos of the spread don’t show a single photo with Kim by herself. Kanye is always in the Mix.
Regardless, Kim was THRILLED.  She Tweeted, quote, “This is such a dream come true!!!  Thank you, ‘Vogue’ for this cover!  OMGGGGGG!!!  I can’t even breath!” (Well she spelled it ‘breath’ but I’m pretty sure she meant BREATHE.)
Irrelevant as she may be, Actress SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR made a bold statement on twitter, “Well, I guess I’m canceling my ‘Vogue’ subscription.  Who’s with me???”


Looks like the Kim K has got her way again.
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