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Ray J Embarrasses Girl on Instagram

On Friday Ray J addressed one of his haters by putting her picture on his Instagram page with the caption:
“I usually don’t go this hard but … This chick look exactly like a character on Planet of the Apes.”
The woman was mortified when he singled her out on his page, but she has admitted that she might have pushed one too many of Ray J’s buttons by posting inflammatory comments on his Instagram such as:
“Ray J you are irrelevant. Why don’t you stop worry about Kim Kardashian. Why don’t you talk about you being gay?”
Since then she’s become the recipient of his wrath, claiming that Kim Kardashian’s ex doesn’t fight fair.
Her rationale is that she’s just one voice out of millions of fans — thousands of which trash talk Ray J on a daily basis, but he made a mockery of her on a global scale. Tina wants an apology.
 “This girl is an Instagram bully,” sources close to Ray J say “She’s been making negative comments on everything Ray J posts for months. He’s been trying to take the high road, but finally decided he needed to give her a taste of her own medicine.”
Here’s the photo Ray J posted.
G98.7 FM listeners do you think Ray J took it too far or that this girl got a taste of her own medicine?

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