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Owens Says He Could Beat Michael Jordan On The Court

Former NFL player, Terrell Owens was recently on insisting that his basketball skills were top notch enough to handle Michael Jordan on the court.  Yes, Michael Jordan, whom has long retired but Owens doesn’t seem to care.
TMZ Sports reported the following:  NFL star shamelessly brags about his roundball skills. “I’m dunkin’ on n****s. I’m crossin’ n****s up … MJ don’t even want none of this right now.” He goes on, “I know he’s 50-something-years-old … he used to be MJ but he would be ‘crossed up MJ’ if he come mess with me right about now, ’cause my game is nice!”
Owens then hypes up his jump shot for good measure — “My J is wet. My J is wetter than Niagra Falls right now!” Even at 50, we’re still betting on Air Jordan, though.
Click here to watch for yourself.

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