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Oprah Wants Stepmother Out Of Her Home!

Former stepmother to Oprah Winfrey, Barbara has been scheduled for a future hearing to determine if she should be evicted from her home of 13 years.
According to, the story goes that that Oprah purchased a house in Tennessee for her father, Vernon and Barbara after tying the knot in 2001. It was kept in the name of the limited liability company ‘Overground Railroad’ (created by Oprah).
After two years of marriage, Vernon and Barbara decided to call it quits, Vernon lost barbershop building, plus both of their former homes, but the Big O came to her parent’s aid and bought the properties out of foreclosure. The media mogul went so far as to offer her former stepmother’s house to live in free of charge, but Barbara refused, saying that she’d have to it required her to sign a non-disclosure agreement with her former stepdaughter.
So that’s how the legal war began – Barbara refused to leave the house saying that she’s been there “13 and a half years”, even though Oprah owns it, not her! O even offered to sell the Laurelbrooke residence and split the proceeds equally, but Barbara didn’t like that idea either.
According to Oprah’s spokeswoman who spoke to USA Today, Barbara has been giving no other options, “After several requests to voluntarily vacate the property at Willowbrooke Circle, the appropriate paperwork has been filed to have her vacate the property.”
This lady sounds like a handful. Good luck Oprah…

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