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April 30, 2012
BRANDY "PUTS IT DOWN". Brandy has released the full version of her second single, "Put It Down" featuring Chris Brown. I don't know about you, but I DIG IT!! 😉                     KANYE HOLDS ON TO HIS TEMPER (BUT NOT HIS PANTS) On Friday, KANYE WEST and KIM KARDASHIAN were getting out of Kanye's car in New York City when his pants fell down. Which is really impressive considering how skin-tight they appear to be. Anyway, he ended up showing the world a good portion of his thigh and male thong.. Interestingly enough both Kim and Kanye didn't miss a step, like getting caught with your pants down is in fact an everyday thing...and between the two of them it just could be.                 TV DOC IS A REAL LIFE HERO On Tuesday, a 17-year-old named Weston Massett CRASHED his Ford Mustang on a street in Malibu, California. It flipped and landed upside-down. Fortunately for Weston, it landed right in front of Grey's anatomy star PATRICK DEMPSEY'S house. Patrick saw the crash, GRABBED A CROWBAR, and ran outside to get him out of the car. And he did. According to Weston, when he opened his eyes, Patrick was looking down at him. He asked Patrick, quote, "Are you famous?" And Patrick responded, quote, "I'm a doctor." Patrick waited with Weston until paramedics arrived . . . called Weston's mother to tell her about the accident and keep her calm . . . and followed Weston to the hospital to make sure he was OK. Somehow, Weston wasn't seriously hurt. He was hospitalized for a concussion and a "stretched optic nerve" . . . but is expected to make a full recovery. The story didn't get out until Friday. SHAWN RYAN, who created "The Shield", tweeted, quote, "True Story: 'Grey's Anatomy' actor Patrick Dempsey pulled my friend's son out of overturned car after a bad accident on Tuesday. #GoodDude."            
                                  NICK AND MARIAH RENEW THEIR VOWS Looks like love is sweeter the fourth time around for Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. The Grammy winning Carey, 42 and "America's Got Talent" host, 31 pledged their love in the City of Lights, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. For their fourth wedding anniversary, the couple renewed their vows in Paris. Today the couple celebrates the 1st birthday of their twins Moroccan and Monroe (more fondly known by their nicknames Roc and Ro).                  





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