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June 29, 2012
REGGAE STAR COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET Internationally acclaimed Jamaican singer, Diana King has taken an unprecedented step within the local music industry as she dropped a bombshell on Thursday, admitting that she is a lesbian. The highly regarded Reggae singer, known for classics such as Shy Guy, I Say A Little Prayer and La-La-Lies made the confession through a note which she issued on her official Facebook page. It's a historic moment within the local music industry as she's the first artist of note to come out as a homosexual. In her note, King wrote, "My name is DIANA EUGENA KING, known to most as DIANA KING my fans call me KingSinga. "I AM … WOMAN … MOTHER ... AUNT … JAMAICAN … AMERICAN ... INTERNATIONAL ARTIST ... SINGER ... SONGWRITER ... BAND LEADER … FRIEND ... LOVER ... ENTREPRENEUR ... GODDESS! among other things AND YES!!!…I AM A LESBIAN "I answer now, not because it's anyone's business BUT because IT FEELS RIGHT WITH my SOUL and I believe by not answering or hiding it all these years somehow makes it appear as if I AM ASHAMED OF IT or THAT I BELIEVE IT IS WRONG. I FEEL NEITHER OF THOSE THINGS … or I would have grown my hair. But all kidding aside, I AM a private person, but sometimes, one has to step outside of their comfort zone to GROW.,.... She continues on later in the note saying..."I could have STAYED SAFE AND HIDDEN but for me, IT WOULD MEAN THAT ALL THOSE WHO HAVE DIED for BEING LIKE ME … ALL DIED IN VAIN. JUST LIKE BLACK PEOPLE WHO DIED FOR ME SO THAT I COULD HAVE THE OPPORTUNITIES AND RIGHTS I NOW HAVE … WOULD HAVE ALL DIED IN VAIN                             USHER BEING STALKED Usher believes his life is in jeopardy ... claiming he's being stalked by a dangerous delusional woman who is convinced she's MARRIED to him.  Subsequently, he has obtained
a temporary restraining order against the 26-year-old Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw -- who's listed at 5'2" ... and weighs between 140 and 180 lbs.
According to court docs, Usher claims Darshelle showed up uninvited to his Georgia home on June 23 with the intention of harassing him and his family. Sources close to Usher say she pounded on his front door and demanded to be let in. Cops were called to the scene ... where they warned Darshelle to stay away from the property ... and told her not to come back. Usher says she returned the very next day. Cops were once again called to the scene ...and Darshelle tried to convince the officers she was Usher's wife and had simply misplaced her keys.  Cops didn't buy the story  and placed Darshelle under arrest.
Usher immediately obtained a temporary restraining order, claiming Darshelle "placed [him] in reasonable fear for his own safety and/or the safety of his immediate family."
For Darshelle's part -- she posted a YouTube video Wednesday, claiming Usher has been secretly funneling her cash since last year, promising to make living arrangements for her. She also says he promised to help with her music career.
Singer Jennifer Hudson has taken inspiration from her own experiences as a mom to record a special lullaby.
The “Spotlight” star, who has a 2-year-old son, David, teamed up with baby care brand Pampers to release the nighttime song, set to the famous Brahms’ Lullaby.
Pampers bosses are commemorating its release by making a $100,000 donation to Hudson’s charity, the Julian D. King Gift Foundation to benefit moms, toddlers and babies.
If you would like to play this lullaby for your little babies, it can  be downloaded for free via Pampers’ page.





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