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The low down opportunist who leaked the casket photo of Whitney Houston has been exposed…Personnel at Whigham Funeral Home have named Raffles van Exel (a friend of the family) as the culprit.  Van Exel isn’t a celeb or someone in the industry, he was just part of various celebrity’s entourages.
According to reports on, van Exel was at two private casket viewings at the funeral home. Employees of Whigham Funeral Home noticed van Exel as soon as he walked in because he was the only non-family member allowed in the private viewing. It’s said he also traveled with the family from Los Angeles to New Jersey on a private jet. He was even provided with his own bodyguard.
A source said the Houstons didn’t do anything about van Exel once they learned of the funeral home’s suspicions. Some of the Whigham employees believe the family is protecting him and are angry about it as the public has been blaming them for the leak, with one fan so upset that they even spit on the funeral director who says she had nothing to do with the leak and is as angry about it as the public.  Here’s a clip of Van Exel bragging about how he cons his way around hollywood… disgusting.

The talk is that singer Ce’Cile is pregnant with twins for Cheater’s Prayer singer Chris Martin.  Chris and Ce’Cile have been dating since 2010 and the two are supposedly expecting twins. Additional reports claim that Chris might be living the life of his popular song and has also fathered another newborn baby with an ex-girlfriend. Either way Congrats to our friend and proud Papa Chris Martin!!!

DALLAS 2012!
TNT’s new “Dallas” Revival show will premiere on June 13th.  It’s a “continuation” of the original series, which aired on CBS from 1978 through 1991.
Larry Hagman is back to play J.R., Linda Gray returns as Sue Ellen Ewing, and Patrick Duffy is playing Bobby Ewing again.
CHARLENE TILTON also returns as Lucy Ewing, and STEVE KANALY is back as Ray Krebbs. But this time, the focus is on their characters’ children.

And that’s the Juice!

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