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Shortly after leaving Diddy, rapper MASE became a DEVOUT Christian. Rapper LOON became a DEVOUT MUSLIM after leaving Diddy. And Shyne became an ORTHODOX HASIDIC JEW. Now is reporting that Bad Boy artist CRAIG MACK is a member of a South Carolina CULT. The Flavor in Your Ear artist is currently LIVING IN A COMPOUND run by Brother R. G. Stair, or simply Brother Stair, a  scary 82 year old preacher based in South Carolina. Brother Stair is a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER who was charged with RAPING two young women on the compound. Members of Craig Mack’s family, are reportedly “VERY UPSET” that Craig is choosing to live in such circumstances. Mark Strong thinks this story is a hoax (which it very well could be 😉 but I did remind him that when we first heard loon was a Muslim we weren’t sure it was true and same with Shyne converting to Judaism. For further proof here is a clip featuring the pastor and a voice that even Mark admits is Craig Mack… you decide for yourself.

ANTONIO BANDERAS was mobbed by female fans the other day when he arrived at the Airport in Budapest, Hungary.  But one of the girls wanted more than just a hug from her favourite Spanish star. When he got to his car after all that love, Antonio realized HIS WALLET WAS MISSING.  He reported the theft to police. Womp Womp. 🙁
It’s Friday so weve got a look at several movies coming out this weekend…
John Carter” is a disney movie  based on stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs . . . the guy who wrote “Tarzan” . . . about a guy who’s transported to Mars, finds out he has super strength, and helps a Martian princess save her people. Taylor Kitsch is John Carter.  He was in “Friday Night Lights” and was Gambit in the “Wolverine” origins movie.  plus hes Canadian and hes SMOKIN 😉
A Thousand Words”  Eddie Murphy plays a fast-talking jerk who’s taught a lesson by a mystical guru:  Every time Eddie speaks, a leaf falls off a magic tree.  And when the last leaf falls, he DIES.  The movie was actually made four years ago, but never saw the light of day until now.

Friends with Kids”  As the last two single friends in their group, Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt decide to have a baby together . . . while still dating other people.  After the baby’s born, Adam starts dealing with Megan Fox, while Jennifer hooks up with Ed Burns.  The rest of the cast includes Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, and Maya Rudolph.

Silent House”  (R)
A horror movie with Elizabeth Olsen locked inside her family’s old lake house, being stalked by a killer.  It’s directed by the people who did “Open Water”, and it takes place in one long take.

If today is your birthday you share it with
Rapper – Bow Wow (25)
Rapper – Chingy (32)
Child Actor Emmanuel Lewis (41)
Actor – Raul Julia (72)
and of course the greatest of all time died on March 9th… Today marks the aniversary of the death of The Notorious B.I.G
That’s the juice, enjoy your weekend!

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