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This year’s best Rap recording Juno winner Drake says that to deal with the pressure of being a star, he has occasionally turned to drugs and alcohol.
But he isn’t doing anything too hardcore. He says, quote, “You get artists in this position who go crazy and don’t know how to handle it.  There are people who have killed themselves. There’s the overwhelming stress, how tired you are, the weight on your shoulders of going out here and giving 18,000 people entertainment . . . it’s a lot of pressure…..Have I sipped codeine before?  Yeah, of course.  Have I smoked weed?  Yes.  Do I drink wine?  Yes.  But do I do it excessively?  No.  I’m not a reckless guy.  I do it all within moderation.  I’m not into drugs.”
There have been 16 seasons of “The Bachelor” . . . and every one of them had a white guy handing out the roses.  Now, there’s a “movement” to cast the show’s first non-white star.
The man at the center of this is Portland-based sportscaster Lamar Hurd.  His friends talked him into auditioning for the show, and helped him put together a sharp audition video.  This isn’t just a random YouTube phenomenon, at least not anymore.  Lamar’s assistant tells “Entertainment Weekly” that he is meeting with ABC TODAY.  It’s unclear what exactly that means, if anything.
Last year, the show’s creator Mike Fleiss said he and his team, quote, “always want to cast for ethnic diversity . . . it’s just that for whatever reason, [those applicants] don’t come forward.  I wish they would.”
If NBC brings “Community” back next season . . . CHEVY CHASE may not be involved.  He recently cursed out the show’s creator Dan Harmon in a voicemail, and trashed the show in an interview. It all boiled over after a wrap party celebrating the end of filming for Season Three. Harmon publicly roasted Chevy for walking off the set during the last day of filming without finishing one of his scenes.  It was basically an “[eff] you” speech, in front of the cast, crew, Chevy and Chevy’s wife and daughter.
Chevy was NOT happy, and he left immediately.  Later, he left a profanity-filled voicemail for Harmon, which was VERY harsh . . . and a portion of it made its way online. In the voice message, Chevy says he left the set because he wasn’t given a script beforehand . . . and he didn’t like the script he was handed at the last minute. Said Chase, “I don’t get talked to like that by anybody, and certainly not in front of my wife and daughter, you [A-word], alcoholic, fat [S-word].  You’re going to live to be about 57, if you’re lucky with the way you eat.  I’ve got nothing to say to you.”
Meanwhile, Chevy slams the show in an interview with the “Huffington Post”.  (–It was conducted during the final week of filming, just before Chevy walked off the set.  He says, quote, “I have creative issues with this show.  I always have . . . it’s like being relegated to hell and watching ‘Howdy Doody’ for the rest of your life .
MTV2 is bringing back the classic game show Hollywood Squares, but with a modern twist. The cable network has secured the rights to the comedic tic-tac-toe format for a
new series titled Hip Hop Squares. In the show, charismatic personalities from the world of hip hop will populate the show’s nine quadrants. Contestants facing a wide range of trivia questions will seek help from the performers to try and discover clues about the correct answers.
The show has lined up personality Nick Cannon; Jackass crew member Bam Margera; actress Kat Graham; artist DJ Khaled; rappers Biz Markie, Ghostface Killah, Fat Joe, Mac Miller and MGK; Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lamarr Woodley and others to fill the squares.  “They cross the spectrum from musicians and celebrities to athletes and causal fans of hip hop,” says Paul Ricci, MTV2′s programming chief. “The show will refresh an iconic format and create a fun, dynamic series that’s unpredictable, heavy on personality and much more ‘party’ than ‘game show’.”

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  1. Momma J

    I am fed up of hearing people in the entertainment industry using stress as an excuse to take drugs. Alcohol is not illegal (unless you are underage) so I will leave that one alone. Drugs are illegal and harmful in many ways. In excess or over time. Stress can be managed in other ways than to turn to cocaine, weed or any other drug. As a performer….better yet, a human, if you are stressed beyond what you can handle, it is YOUR responsibility to learn about your body and figure out a way to bring those stress levels down.
    Where are the entertainers that don’t rely on alcohol or drugs to be stress free or go about there day? Oh, that’s right….people make fun of the ones who are “perfect” or who are “boring”.
    Get it together people…. the youth of today are going downhill at full speed and this industry isn’t helping one bit.


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